Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

My sunshine

Le costume: H&M hat, Gap scarf and jacket, vintage lace dress underneath, F21 blouse, Walmart tights, Lucky Brand boots

Hey homies, hope your Saturday has been productive cause I can’t quite say the same about mine. The usual. Besides running to a local bakery for goodies and going to Walmart to disappointingly not find the Sea Salt Hair Spray I was looking for, I didn’t have any eventful moments. In a little bit, I’m heading over to my friend’s house for a little birthday get together before she leaves tomorrow. I’m coming to that point where I want vacation to be over because I’m constantly bored and then knowing I’ll be dreading the very wish I just made when the week is actually over. Better solution? Telling myself to shut up and thank Mother Nature for not torturing me with a blizzard.

Well, at least I’m going back to New York next week. Thank goodness. Watching How to Make it in AmericaĀ makes me pained at how boring suburban life is (Yes, I finished all 2 seasons and then they cancelled it, that’s cool HBO. That’s cool). Oh, and Happy New Year to you asian folks out there. Hope you get loads of money, cause I wont.. šŸ˜¦


If I ever roll out of bed..

…These are all the fancies (or lack of fancies) that I use to decorate my face. From this high quality collage, I’ll elaborate a little bit about my daily cosmetic routine. Although I’d love to look like model every morning, my lack of motivation and general laziness (at times I just don’t have time) mirrors my beauty routine. I’m the no-fuss kind of girl. Polished and simple. I rarely use eyeliner, which I’ll explain why later. Above is a visual of what works for me, which as you can tell, is why I still use these products almost daily (with the exception of two products). If you are looking for an elaborate review of dozens of products..let’s be real here. I’m not your ideal candidate. But for y’all who need a simple, roll out of bed (to class..) formula, voila! Let the festivities begin!

After I sulk out of bed, do all the contacts and teeth brushing business, my face is in need of some cleansing. WATER cleansing. That’s right, no facial cleanser for the morning. Having dry skin, all I need is a little splash of water. Think about it, how much dirtier can a face get laying on a pillow? Yeah, not much. After that, I apply my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. This is by far, my favorite facial lotion. It leaves my skin smooth, moisturized, and fresh. I use this both day and night after cleansing.

Afterwards, I use my Sonia KalshukĀ all-purpose powder brush to put my i.d. Bare Minerals Foundation on my skin. This one’s a little SPF 20 travel-sized sample in Summer Bisque that I got in a Sephora Sun Kit. I got it on sale last summer in a little bag containing a bunch of SPF goodies, and I’ve really liked it so far. It doesn’t leave my face dry like other face powders, as long as I apply facial lotion on before (which I always do, otherwise my face is tight and uncomfortable). A side note about the brush: it is fantastic for its price. I got both theĀ contourĀ and powder brush (contour pictured above) for less than $15 total. The quality is top-notch for a Target line and theĀ bristles are not synthetic. SO SOFT. Just make sure to clean them regularly. Plus, the handles? Comeon.

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Oh, fluffy!

Wearing mom’s sweater, vintage belt, thrifted lace dress, f21 tights/leggings, super soft socks stolen from my dad, h&m hat

Snuggling up in my fleece blanket, watching Charlie St. Cloud. No shame. It’s the holidays and I’ve been having the time of the life. You know, awkward extended family gatherings, stuffing myself with lots of food to avoid awkward confrontations, and spending way too much money and time shopping for gifts. Note to self: never go to the mall two days before Christmas.

As my family is not religious, we never do much for Christmas. Since I was out at school, we didn’t even put up the tree this year. Holiday cheer right? I feel as if I should be caroling, baking cookies, or watching Elf. When I got bored yesterday, I started baking molten lava cakes (as I did the day before, clearly I’m that bored). Rich and made with tons of chocolate and butter. What’s the holidays without an overload of sweet? Mmmmm. I should be doing something else with my time besides eating. Actually, I think watching Elf would be a great decision. I’m in a storeeee and I’m siiinngggiiinggg. Oh, that movie’s great.

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope y’all do something more productive than what I’m doing. Time to get fat and chow down.

Home & the Heart

Le outfit:Ā Zara sweater, vintage silk shorts, Gap scarf, vintage belt from my mommy, tights from Walmart

Oh, the holidays. Christmas has become so much of American culture that it’s too difficult to escape it. Even though I’m not super sure what it means to have “Christmas spirit,” I’m having a jolly good time finding just the right gifts for the loved ones. Four hour bus rides have gotten to me–my back is cracking like an old lady’s..but I can’t say how happy I am to be home. My mother’s clothes all packed into my closet, the vacuum taking up about a third of my room space, and the dust piling up on the shelves. Oh, home, home once again.

By the way, HOW AWESOME are my shorts? I picked up this beauty at a little ‘thriftque’ (as quoted by the little shop) for five buckaroos baby. Yeah, that’s right. It’s like wearing a painting on my pants.

While still in New York, I checked out the Yelp Holiday Market to buy some local goodies for my girls. I can’t spill what I bought(as they may see this post..), but all of the presents I bought this year supported local artists. I’m very proud of my accomplishment, but let’s hope that they don’t think my presents are lame. I like to think I’m a great gift giver (but then again I also like to think I’m not lazy, which uh..). After spending some time with one of my favorite people (Hi Shirley ;] ) and giving her first row seats to me scarfing down a burrito from Chipotle, I’ve had a great first day home. Checking out panties and lacy things, Shirley and I had quite the adventure. I think after today, we’ve agreed that all gifts should entitle lingerie.

If you and I do not meet again soon, Happy Holidays friends šŸ™‚ I hope your days are filled with hugs, the delicious smells of just baked cookies, and obnoxiously loud reminiscing moments with friends.

PS. I told ya my mom is a professional photographer–just look at that first picture! Although I had to show her where the viewfinder was..

Under Construction

Brain is currently sagging, it’s like it’s deflating in my skull. Awesome.

As promised, here is my first post in all its glory. Note: Must buy myself a decent tripod.. I can’t take decent pictures with my arms stretched out in front of me (as my high school days of self portraits in that manner are over..hahah who I am kidding). As everybody else is saying, finals finals finals. Except I’m not really studying much. Either I’m being a lazy piece of shit or…wait, there’s no or.

I’ve been on a ridiculous amount of excursions to thrift stores, used bookshops, flea markets, holiday markets, and whatnots, trying to find “unique” and inexpensive gifts for las amigas at the hometown (and my mommy). I have come to the conclusion that you can never find anything worth buying when you actually look for it. It’s one of those stupid “it has to find you” kinda crap. Maybe we should all just go out for pho and call it a day.

As my purchase decisions are based on how financially stable I am (as in, not completely broke) and various factors (awfully specific factors at that), it takes me ages before I make a purchase that exceeds $50 without myself feeling ridiculously guilty. For some reason, I find it ok when I spend it all on food and beverages.. There’s something lacking in my processing system, clearly. Anyways, I got past the saving part and got myself these boots today at Marshalls after looking at them for weeks. I’ve never had a red pair of shoes, so I consider this its own mini closet investment. Just think of all the ordinary outfits it’s gonna jazz up. Yes. I’ve got it all planned out.. Also, I must get cleaning on my windowsill. Too many magazines that I can’t quite get rid of. I haven’t had time to read half of them; they will have to wait until my ride home on the Megabus.

One more week until REAL Chinese food and friends/family time. MUST STUDY. Errr yeah, considering that I’m updating my blog that is not going to happen. Not soon anyway.

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Hello world!

I decided to keep the cheesy, default title. I know this generic line caught your attention. It’s the kind of thing first time YouTuber’s on their vlogs would say. Hellooooo worrrlldddd.Ā 

Anyways.. getting off topic. Welcome to my blog folks. I’m going to make this short and to the point. I’m going to document all sorts of things, mostly fashion related. But there’s going to be a mix of different posts, as my life entitles more than just clothes. Let’s not even get started on how much I eat and spend my time exploring that the soles of my shoes are falling off. Honestly, I spend more money on food than I do on fashion related items. Let’s be real here. I’d rather have Shake Shack than a new hat. Now that you know my mainĀ priorities, hopefully I can introduce you to me (along with all the random thoughts I’m feeling when I post).

One thing I am going to address is that this blog is not to “show off” what I have, but to celebrate personal style and expression. I know a lot of blogs out there are guilty of this, and I guarantee that I’m not one of them. Hell, I’m a freshman in college in NYC. I barely have enough money for a burrito sometimes (which helps that I’m working at a Mexican restaurant I suppose).

Just to tell you a little about myself.. I’m a coffee junkie. I appreciate good cheap eats, and have fleeting cravings for red velvet cupcakes. I love all things visual–art, design, name it. The girl who is wandering around in a store clutching an item that she should not buy is probably me. I also spend too much time in used bookstores and thrift shops. I’m an avid reader of magazines, my favorite being New York Magazine. Making lists, taking pictures, and finishing the last page of a book are some of my favorite things.

This is my blog, yo.