Brain is currently sagging, it’s like it’s deflating in my skull. Awesome.

As promised, here is my first post in all its glory. Note: Must buy myself a decent tripod.. I can’t take decent pictures with my arms stretched out in front of me (as my high school days of self portraits in that manner are over..hahah who I am kidding). As everybody else is saying, finals finals finals. Except I’m not really studying much. Either I’m being a lazy piece of shit or…wait, there’s no or.

I’ve been on a ridiculous amount of excursions to thrift stores, used bookshops, flea markets, holiday markets, and whatnots, trying to find “unique” and inexpensive gifts for las amigas at the hometown (and my mommy). I have come to the conclusion that you can never find anything worth buying when you actually look for it. It’s one of those stupid “it has to find you” kinda crap. Maybe we should all just go out for pho and call it a day.

As my purchase decisions are based on how financially stable I am (as in, not completely broke) and various factors (awfully specific factors at that), it takes me ages before I make a purchase that exceeds $50 without myself feeling ridiculously guilty. For some reason, I find it ok when I spend it all on food and beverages.. There’s something lacking in my processing system, clearly. Anyways, I got past the saving part and got myself these boots today at Marshalls after looking at them for weeks. I’ve never had a red pair of shoes, so I consider this its own mini closet investment. Just think of all the ordinary outfits it’s gonna jazz up. Yes. I’ve got it all planned out.. Also, I must get cleaning on my windowsill. Too many magazines that I can’t quite get rid of. I haven’t had time to read half of them; they will have to wait until my ride home on the Megabus.

One more week until REAL Chinese food and friends/family time. MUST STUDY. Errr yeah, considering that I’m updating my blog that is not going to happen. Not soon anyway.

Leave some bombtastical comments dudes.

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