Le outfit: Zara sweater, vintage silk shorts, Gap scarf, vintage belt from my mommy, tights from Walmart

Oh, the holidays. Christmas has become so much of American culture that it’s too difficult to escape it. Even though I’m not super sure what it means to have “Christmas spirit,” I’m having a jolly good time finding just the right gifts for the loved ones. Four hour bus rides have gotten to me–my back is cracking like an old lady’s..but I can’t say how happy I am to be home. My mother’s clothes all packed into my closet, the vacuum taking up about a third of my room space, and the dust piling up on the shelves. Oh, home, home once again.

By the way, HOW AWESOME are my shorts? I picked up this beauty at a little ‘thriftque’ (as quoted by the little shop) for five buckaroos baby. Yeah, that’s right. It’s like wearing a painting on my pants.

While still in New York, I checked out the Yelp Holiday Market to buy some local goodies for my girls. I can’t spill what I bought(as they may see this post..), but all of the presents I bought this year supported local artists. I’m very proud of my accomplishment, but let’s hope that they don’t think my presents are lame. I like to think I’m a great gift giver (but then again I also like to think I’m not lazy, which uh..). After spending some time with one of my favorite people (Hi Shirley ;] ) and giving her first row seats to me scarfing down a burrito from Chipotle, I’ve had a great first day home. Checking out panties and lacy things, Shirley and I had quite the adventure. I think after today, we’ve agreed that all gifts should entitle lingerie.

If you and I do not meet again soon, Happy Holidays friends 🙂 I hope your days are filled with hugs, the delicious smells of just baked cookies, and obnoxiously loud reminiscing moments with friends.

PS. I told ya my mom is a professional photographer–just look at that first picture! Although I had to show her where the viewfinder was..