My sunshine

Le costume: H&M hat, Gap scarf and jacket, vintage lace dress underneath, F21 blouse, Walmart tights, Lucky Brand boots

Hey homies, hope your Saturday has been productive cause I can’t quite say the same about mine. The usual. Besides running to a local bakery for goodies and going to Walmart to disappointingly not find the Sea Salt Hair Spray I was looking for, I didn’t have any eventful moments. In a little bit, I’m heading over to my friend’s house for a little birthday get together before she leaves tomorrow. I’m coming to that point where I want vacation to be over because I’m constantly bored and then knowing I’ll be dreading the very wish I just made when the week is actually over. Better solution? Telling myself to shut up and thank Mother Nature for not torturing me with a blizzard.

Well, at least I’m going back to New York next week. Thank goodness. Watching How to Make it in America makes me pained at how boring suburban life is (Yes, I finished all 2 seasons and then they cancelled it, that’s cool HBO. That’s cool). Oh, and Happy New Year to you asian folks out there. Hope you get loads of money, cause I wont.. 😦