Wearing mom’s sweater, vintage belt, thrifted lace dress, f21 tights/leggings, super soft socks stolen from my dad, h&m hat

Snuggling up in my fleece blanket, watching Charlie St. Cloud. No shame. It’s the holidays and I’ve been having the time of the life. You know, awkward extended family gatherings, stuffing myself with lots of food to avoid awkward confrontations, and spending way too much money and time shopping for gifts. Note to self: never go to the mall two days before Christmas.

As my family is not religious, we never do much for Christmas. Since I was out at school, we didn’t even put up the tree this year. Holiday cheer right? I feel as if I should be caroling, baking cookies, or watching Elf. When I got bored yesterday, I started baking molten lava cakes (as I did the day before, clearly I’m that bored). Rich and made with tons of chocolate and butter. What’s the holidays without an overload of sweet? Mmmmm. I should be doing something else with my time besides eating. Actually, I think watching Elf would be a great decision. I’m in a storeeee and I’m siiinngggiiinggg. Oh, that movie’s great.

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope y’all do something more productive than what I’m doing. Time to get fat and chow down.